13013 Santa Gertrudes Ave.
La Mirada, CA. 90638
From the Desk of Fr. Ed

To all, who through the gift of God's Holy Spirit are brothers and sisters of the Lord, peace to you!

The great feast of Pentecost brings our Easter Season to its conclusion, but this is not an ending; it is a glorious beginning of a future without end! We who live, die and rise with Christ have eternal life! 

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we also have a mission, the same mission of Jesus and the Apostles: to announce to the world that God has saved us through Jesus, His Son and placed the Holy Spirit within us!

In this, the Church's original Novena, let us enter into profound prayer and listening. For you and I are to discern our proper role within the body of Christ.  We must come to understand how and where we are to build up the body of Christ - for this is why the Spirit is given! So that each of us may surrender all to God, for God's holy will to be done in us. 

Let us invoke the prayers of Mary and the Apostles in this task; let us join them in the 'upper room' as the Lord commanded them as they waited for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

We are to offer our 1%, the only thing we have to give, our free will to God, who will then be the other 99% of  bringing about God's good will.

This week we will share the needs of our parish with all of you, the ministries and support that we are called to offer one another and the community that surrounds us. 

I need all of you to step forward! Find your place, offer your 1%. 

The Body of Christ that worships here in La Mirada must serve the Father's will and minister by the power of the Holy Spirit. Then we will truly be disciples of the Lord Jesus and inherit eternal life! 

May you and I, called, gifted and graced by the Holy Spirit this Pentecost begin our glorious future without end by serving Christ faithfully here on earth! 

As always I wish you peace. - Fr. Ed


You are dead to sin and alive for God. It is Divine Mercy and Divine Love that are now at work in you.