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From the desk of Fr. Ed

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Too many people have embraced an image of God that is harmful to their spiritual life. As I shared on Sunday, Abraham had to choose between the image of the vengeful, blood thirsty god of the land of Moriah or the God of Israel. 

Some have chosen that angry, judgmental God; others have made God a wishy-washy image of themselves who will never hold a person responsible for sin (a convenient god, no?).  

Next week's readings continue to reveal the true and living God. We hear the path we are to walk, the life we are to live. We are given a choice.

We must be certain as we walk the Lenten journey that we are choosing the God who fully revealed himself in Jesus. The one who is the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. The one who is "Father", "Abba", the one who is "just, merciful and kind", the one who demands that love be real and actions be holy according to God's definition of holy, the one, who out of love for us (even as we were still sinners) laid down His life to save us. 

This God spoke clearly: "forgive and you will be forgiven", "do not judge and you will not be judged", "feed the hungry, care for the orphan and the widow", "do not steal", "do not covet: others goods or their wives","do not lie or bear false witness", "do not molest or oppress the alien among you", "pick up your cross and follow me", "love one another as I have loved you".

Consider where your image of God comes from? Is God real to you? Present in your life? Is God angry? Merciful? Compassionate? Waiting to save or waiting to condemn? Giving you the grace to be holy in the moment? Are the people you encounter more or less inclined to believe in God because they see the way you choose to live? Do you engage in continuous conversations with the God who loves you? Do his commands form the foundation for your actions? Is your life a humble, grateful response to the unmerited love that God showed you in Jesus?

These reflections could form part of your examine in preparation for Confession on Monday, March 8th. There will be 10 priest here to celebrate this Sacrament for you. Spend the week getting ready. 

Who is the God you worship; and is it the God made manifest in Jesus Christ?

As always, I wish you peace.  - Fr. Ed